Can I use iPhone 5 (version 10.3.4) for flutter iOS debugging?


I am trying to debug my flutter iOS project with a real iPhone device which is iPhone 5. My Xcode application is not showing my iPhone 5 in the device list. Can I run my flutter iOS project in my iPhone 5?

Xcode version: 12.3
iPhone 5 version: 10.3.4


Yes, Of course you can run your flutter project in a real IOS device. Check your connection between your iPhone and system which is used by you. If this solution doesn’t work then restart your Xcode otherwise restart your system after connect your iPhone with your system a pop-up menu appears in iPhone to ask "Trust this computer" click on trust. And You need to set the deployment target according to your iPhone version. Enjoy 😉

Answered By – Sahil Patel

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