Flutter iOS app reject because of healthkit


First of all, I know the title matches This Question but they are very different.

I developed a TAXI app in Flutter that makes use of Wifi/Network, Google Map, Location(Geolocator) and background services for App Notifications.

The app was well accepted by Playstore but AppStore just wont accept it (3 times even with an appeal).

We noticed that your app uses HealthKit, but your app does not appear to include any primary features that require health or fitness data.

  1. My App Does not use this HealthKit
  2. My info.plist file has no record of this
  3. My App ID has not checked HealthKit

And now I am at my wits end because I have nothing else to do to this code to get it accepted.

Any help is highly appreciated.






The app review people seem to be able to detect all APIs that you use. From this answer:

They do, however, appear to scan your application’s binary for certain symbols that indicate the use of private APIs. A number of applications started crashing after iPhone OS updates because they used these private APIs, so Apple has been cracking down on this.

So if they say you are using HealthKit, it probably means somewhere in your code, you are using it. It could be in an external framework or your own code, but the easiest way to see where is to do a

Command + Shift + F

and enter "Health", which will search your entire project for it. You can then remove any problematic code.

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