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I recently started with Dart ( and really like it so far.
A very promising feature are isolates, but I am not sure on how to start.

The documentation I found so far is from before a breaking change (BREAKING CHANGE: dart:isolate) in October 2013. The information in this “Breaking change” email is quite complicated and it looks like the new api is more complicated than the old.

I’ve got some questions:

  • Is the dart:isolate api stable?
  • Is there any up-to-date documentation?
  • Are there any working examples?

Thanks for any help,
Hendrik Jan


I tried this example and it works

import "dart:isolate";

void main() {
  var sPort = new ReceivePort();
  SendPort rPort;
  sPort.listen((msg) {
    if (msg is SendPort) {
      print("Host got port. sending back");
      rPort = msg;
    else print("Host got $msg");
void test(sender) {
  var rPort = new ReceivePort();
    print("Worker got $msg");
    if (msg!=null)
      sender.send("I am worker");
    else rPort.close();

Isolates seem not to be used too much yet so there may still be some bugs.
The latest problems I remember reading about was debugging code running in isolates. I don’t know if this is solved yet.
It also depends if you want to use isolates on the server or in the browser.
AFAIK it’s more stable in the VM.

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