Is it possible to have multiple send and receive ports for Dart Isolates?


Is it possible to open a multiple send and receive ports for the same Isolate in Dart?

E.g. Following code sample would have created two isolates with each having its own send port. However, I was wondering if there is any way to create more than one send/receive ports for the same isolate and choose the receive port to send the message to.


    echo() {


    main() {
        var sendPort1 = spawnFunction(echo);
        var sendPort2 = spawnFunction(echo);


While I’m not sure about multiple receive ports. You can create multiple send ports per receive port. This functionality is build into the ReceivePort class: ReceivePort.toSendPort

As indicated at the bottom of the help:

It is legal to create several SendPorts from the same ReceivePort.

Hope this helps.

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