How to get selected option in change callback of AngularDart component


I want to use a select HTML element to filter items in a table. For that I have a model value selectedCategoryId and event callback onFilterCategory for the change event. But when callback gets called the value selectedCategoryId is null.

I have the following HTML snippet:

<select id="category"
    <option *ngFor="let category of categories"

And the following dart snippet:

void onFilterCategory() {
    print('this.selectedCategoryId: ' + this.selectedCategoryId);

Do I need to use another callback?


ngModelChange is the event and $event the value



 void onFilterCategory(String value) {

Because you have 2-way binding


you can also use


with the onFilterCategory() as it is in your question.

The change event doesn’t work because it fires too early – before [(ngModel)]="selectedCategoryId" was able to update selectedCategoryId.

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