AngularDart – stagehand web-angular material_ripple.scss error


Following this

And using cli

stagehand web-angular
pub get
webdev serve


[INFO] Setting up file watchers completed, took 25ms
[INFO] Waiting for all file watchers to be ready completed, took 201ms
[INFO] Building new asset graph completed, took 1.2s
[INFO] Checking for unexpected pre-existing outputs. completed, took 1ms
[SEVERE] angular_components|scss_builder on package:angular_components/material_ripple/material_ripple.scss:

Error: Can't find stylesheet to import.
@import 'const/global',
  /private/var/folders/3p/8z23nlbs20qf291vlhjy1l0h0000gn/T/scratch_spaceuuJ2f0/packages/angular_components/css/material/_material.scss 19:9          @import
  /private/var/folders/3p/8z23nlbs20qf291vlhjy1l0h0000gn/T/scratch_spaceuuJ2f0/packages/angular_components/material_ripple/material_ripple.scss 5:9  root stylesheet
[SEVERE] angular_components|scss_builder on package:angular_components/material_slider/material_slider.scss:

And the list goes on with a lot more

Do you know how to fix this?


This is a known issue. A work around is to add the following dependency override to your project’s pubspec.yaml:

  sass: 1.3.2

Answered By – Patrice Chalin

Answer Checked By – Robin (FlutterFixes Admin)

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