How to build a custom bottomNavigationBar in flutter with a centered button?


I have tried so much to build this bottomNavigationBar with the curve and space between icons.
Cannot figure it out.

enter image description here


Have a look at this package: convex_bottom_bar.

The notch shape can be customized by writing a class that extending NotchedShape and implementing getOuterPath that contains the logic for the notch curve. Check this out to know exact implementation convex_shape.dart

To have a green icon at the bottom:

import 'package:convex_bottom_bar/convex_bottom_bar.dart';

  bottomNavigationBar: ConvexAppBar(
    items: [
      TabItem(icon: Icons.home, title: 'Left'),
      TabItem(icon: new Icon(Icons.add, color:,), activeIcon: new Icon(Icons.add, color:,) title: 'Middle'),
      TabItem(icon: Icons.message, title: 'Right'),
    initialActiveIndex: 2,//optional, default as 0
    onTap: (int i) => print('click index=$i'),

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