How to add badge to BottomNavigationBarItem in Flutter?


I have a BottomNavigationBar

        items: const <BottomNavigationBarItem>[
            icon: Icon(Icons.shopping_cart),
            label: 'MyCart',

I want add badge to MyCart icon, i saw Stack was used for BottomNavigationBar’s icon like this:

new BottomNavigationBarItem(
        title: new Text('Home'),
        icon: new Stack(
          children: <Widget>[
            new Icon(Icons.home),
            new Positioned(  // draw a red marble
              top: 0.0,
              right: 0.0,
              child: new Icon(Icons.brightness_1, size: 8.0, 
                color: Colors.redAccent),

but when I use it I get this error:

The values in a const list literal must be constants.
Try removing the keyword 'const' from the list literal.


Remove the const keyword before declaring the items inside BottomNavigationBar

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