Flutter – Flame and Internationalization?


what is the recommended i18n method for Dart programs without Flutter widgets (Games using Flame package)?

I tried the dart Intl package and the Flutter intl package with the Android Studio plugin but can’t get it running properly. I use DeviceLocale to get the locale but want to use proper classes/methods to read the strings in each locale from files (e.g. arb), but I didn’t figure out how to do it with the given tools. The Flutter intl package always wants a context for translations which I don’t have necessarily in a Flame game. Of course I have a working solution based on a Translation class and Maps, but I expect there should be a common way to do this properly.

Does anyone have examples on how to implement this in a clean way?



Since Flutter Intl 1.8.0 version, you should be able to reference string keys without passing the context.

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