How to get value of data retrieved from Dart Flutter Firebase?


I have a code like this:

  await Firebase.initializeApp();

  FirebaseFirestore FS = FirebaseFirestore.instance;

  CollectionReference TC = FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection("oneSignal");
  var docs = TC.doc("xcG9kfCWnUK7QKbK37qd");
  var response = await docs.get();
  var veriable =;

I’m getting an output like this:

{id: 5138523951385235825832}

I only want the value from this output, namely 5138523951385235825832. How can I do that?


Your response is a DocumentSnapshot, so returns a Map with all the fields. To get a specific field from it you can do:

var veriable = as Map;

Alternatively you can get the field directly from the response with:


For situations like that I recommend keeping the documentation handy, in this case for DocumentSnapshot.

Answered By – Frank van Puffelen

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