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I have this code here, which I am converting to Dart. The problem is with the callbacks.

function stop(e) {
    var node = e.target.getContainer();
    node[SMap.LAYER_MARKER].style.cursor = "";
    var coords = e.target.getCoords();
    alert("Cílová pozice: " + coords.toWGS84(2).reverse().join(" "));

var signals = mapa.getSignals();
signals.addListener(window, "marker-drag-stop", stop);

My code in Dart

  var signals = mapa.callMethod('getSignals', []);
  signals.callMethod('addListener', [context, 'marker-drag-stop', stop]);

stop(MouseEvent event) {
  var target = event.target.callMethod('getContainer',[]);// problem
  context.callMethod('alert', ['texttext']); 

The stop callback is properly called, but I don’t know what to do with var node = e.target.getContainer(); line. The e.target return something, but what next.

Side question: is mapa.callMethod('addLayer', [layer]).callMethod('enable', []); syntax, only one posible way to call javascript methods. I find it little bit cumbersome:-/

This whole js-interop thingy is kind of messy. I’m unable to resolve it by my own and need to ask again after each step. I hope when I will cover all interop use cases, I will be able, just to use Dart and forget about JS.


I assume this should do the trick:

var target = new js.JsObject.fromBrowserObject(e)['target']
  .callMethod('getContainer', []);

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