Angular.Dart javascript interop error


I have problem with my code which is using 3rd party library. When I use it in the plain Dart itself it already works, but not with Angular.Dart. I have used chapter3 from Dart tutorial and just added my code in recipe_book.dart which is compoment.

Place where the code fails is shown in the picture below. After i get

Breaking on exception: object must be an Node, ArrayBuffer, Blob, ImageData, or IDBKeyRange

I don’t have idea how to get rid of this:-( Maybe it is something somebody more familiar with Angulart.dart can answer right away.

Anybody willing to help can check the code here on github

enter image description here


The debugger shows it is already a JsObject, just omit the new JsObject(...) call.

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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