Breakpoints in Dartium not working


So if I add break points in .dart files that are located in /web directory of my project, it works fine. For example I’m using AngularDart and the main.dart file works. However when I try to put a breakpoint in anything in the /lib directory, Dartium doesn’t stop on them.

How can I get the breakpoints in Dartium to work with the /lib directory?

Note that I’ve tried putting breakpoints with Dart Editor, IntelliJ with Dart Plugin and also directly in Dartium and nothing works. Is this intended?


To set breakpoints in dependencies search the source inside the (no domain) node and set the breakpoint there. Breakpoints don’t hit when set somewhere in the packages node.

enter image description here

You can also use the breakpoint statement for the debugger top pop up. See Does Dart have a 'breakpoint' statement? for more details.

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