Dart-Editor: Dart not invoked?


For some reason i don’t know, my DartEditor suddenly does not run the dart code anymore when i run an HTML file in Dartium. Nothing happends on chromium and nothing is displayed in the console output.


  • Chromium loads everything instantely
  • Chromium load the html but still loads indifenitely

I have already:

  • checked that the build was successfull
  • restarted DartEditor many times
  • made sure to remove all breakpoints
  • specified into the .html file which .dart to load
  • tried to run the simpliest dart code (a single print() in the main),

The only related topic (Simple Dart Web Component Not Working) does not resolve my problem.
Any help would be much apreciated, thank you.


The only fix I found was to reinstall completely the Dart-Editor with its SDK, etc.

Answered By – Pierre Roudaut

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