Where I can get detail information to build Restful API?


I developed Flutter mobile app. I need to develop a restful api for my flutter mobile app. I am using macOS and IntelliJ.

I install dart plugin. I try to create a first angular dart project and I found that there is a lib directory which has an error.

lib/generated/i18n.dart and import ‘package:flutter/foundation.dart’; also
import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; couldn’t found.

What is the steps to create a Angular Dart WebApp project using IntelliJ? I try to install web storm but couldn’t find any community edition.

Any help please?


To create an API you need to use a back-end framework, and you would probably want to choose one depending on the languages you know.
If you want to use Dart for the API too, you can’t use Angular Dart since that’s a front-end framework and you can’t use that to build a web API.
Simply Googling, you will find Aqueduct.
About that error: are you trying to import Flutter libraries in a Dart project?

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