When I view a page that contains YoutubePlayerController, the next page stops working



The widget on the next page after loading YoutubePlayerIFrame will not work.

For example, suppose you I have A and B Stateful Widgets.
First A is loaded, where YoutubePlayerIFrame is called.
You can press the button in A, but when you move to B, the screen freezes there.

I think this is the cause of youtube_player_iframe, but page transitions may be cause, so I will write the details.


I’m developing web app using youtube_player_iframe.
I wrote the following YoutubePlayerIFrame in A StatefulWidget.

          controller: YoutubePlayerController(
            initialVideoId: "NVzIALG7CUc",
            params: YoutubePlayerParams(
              showVideoAnnotations: false,
              autoPlay: false,
              startAt: Duration(seconds: 0),
              showControls: true,
              showFullscreenButton: false,
          aspectRatio: 16 / 9,

Video has displayed correctly.

Page transition

Loading other pages with this code;

 onGenerateRoute: (settings){
  Widget wid = Home();
     case ...........

   return PageRouteBuilder(
    settings: settings,
    pageBuilder: (_, __, ___) => wid,
            transitionsBuilder: (_, a, __, c) =>
                FadeTransition(opacity: a, child: c));

Then call this;

  Navigator.of(context).pushReplacementNamed('/' + path);

When I remove YoutubePlayerIFrame from code, it works.

What should I do?


I gave up to use youtube_player_iframe.

So I decided to show YouTube video with webviewx.
This works better so far.

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