Use SCSS style files within AngularDart 5 and Dart 2


I’m working with Dart 2 and AngularDart 5.

⚠ I searched online about my question, but I didn’t find a satisfactory answer.

❔ Can somebody explain all the steps I need to include and to work with SCSS style files within my AngularDart application?

I started with quickstart application that you can find here.

Thank you!


  1. Add a dev dependency to your pubspec.yaml for sass_builder:
  2. Run pub get to download the new dependencies.
  3. Create a sass file ex: lib/app_component.scss and add some styles to it.
  4. Add a the compiled css stylesheet to your the @Component annotation in lib/app_component.dart:
    styleUrls: const ['app_component.css'],

The css file will be generated by sass_builder during the build process.

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