unwanted rewriting of the icon attribute in polymer-ui-icon during pub transform (probably polymer)


ui-scafold from polymer-ui-elements. One of the elements I use is the polymer-ui-icon-button. I can set which icon to use from a selection of options, like ‘refresh’, which uses the icon from a large image at a particular position in that image. Standard CSS stuff. One example is

<polymer-ui-icon-button tool icon="refresh" on-click="{{refresh}}"></polymer-ui-icon-button>

and when used in Dartium, works perfectly. However, when I serve this through

pub serve

it gets rewritten to be

<polymer-ui-icon-button tool icon="packages/gcanvas/elements/refresh" on-click="{{refresh}}"></polymer-ui-icon-button>

by one of the transformers, maybe polymer, (I assume), but this means when it looks up this string in the icon list, none of them match, so I get a blank icon. I managed to overcome this with

<polymer-ui-icon-button tool icon="{{refreshIcon}}" on-click="{{refresh}}"></polymer-ui-icon-button>


var refreshIcon = 'refresh'

but I can’t do this easily to

<polymer-ui-icon-button icon="menu" hidden?="{{hideMenuButton}}" on-click="{{menuActionTap}}" active="{{menuActive}}"></polymer-ui-icon-button>

which is part of the polymer-ui-scafold element.

Is there a way to tell the transformer to not rewrite this attribute. and/or should I create a bug report?


I think this is this bug https://code.google.com/p/dart/issues/detail?id=17914

My workaround was to move the image after deployment to the place where the browser is looking for it.

I think a few additional stars on this bug might help 😉

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