Unsupported operation: Platform._operatingSystem


My flutter code isn’t running on web.

I found that “bool kisweb” can be used to detect the platform. But my code is failing at “FirebaseAuth.instance”. Does this mean I can’t use Firebaseauth on web as it might be depending on dart:io?

Launching lib\main.dart on Chrome in debug mode… Debug service
listening on ws:// compiled for web ══╡
╞═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ The
following UnsupportedError was thrown building MultiProvider:
Unsupported operation: Platform._operatingSystem The relevant
error-causing widget was: MultiProvider
org-dartlang-app:///packages/My_App/main.dart:30:10 When the exception
was thrown, this was the stack:
package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js 3996:11
throw_ package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js
57810:17 _operatingSystem
package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js 57859:27 get
package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js 57772:27 get
_operatingSystem package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js 5020:17 get
package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js 57796:26 get
isIOS package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js 5020:17
get package:firebase_core/src%5Cfirebase_app.dart 15:16
get defaultAppName
package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js 5020:17 get
package:firebase_core/src%5Cfirebase_app.dart 51:57 get
instance package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js
5020:17 get package:firebase_auth/src%5Cfirebase_auth.dart 25:67
get instance package:build_web_compilers/src/dev_compiler/dart_sdk.js
5020:17 get internalCallback

Please help me resolve this issue.


No, the FlutterFire group of plugins is in no way supported on Flutter Web. They rely on platform-specific APIs and are currently only implemented for Android and iOS.

Update May 2021: As pointed out by Moslem Deris, FlutterFire is now officially supported on the web: https://firebase.flutter.dev/docs/installation/web/

Answered By – Michael Pfaff

Answer Checked By – Terry (FlutterFixes Volunteer)

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