swagger-codegen in flutter project


I am new to flutter and trying to integration below library for using Swagger in flutter project.

Steps which i did so far :


added the Path in Pubspec.yaml
        path: /path/swagger-codegen-master/samples/client/petstore/dart/swagger

2) main.dart file :

import 'package:swagger/api.dart';

3) added in Pubspec.yaml for swagger file so my project support SDK 2.0.0

      sdk: ">=2.0.0-dev.68.0 <3.0.0"

It is working fine Problem is :
I can able to access var api_instance = new PetApi();
Which is swagger api implemented in that.
How can i use the url of my swagger api which had complete different API as per my project.
For eg on url http://petstore.swagger.io/v2 but on http://student.swagger.io/v2
and have complete different request , header and response parameters ?
How can i customise it as per my use.


Here are the steps I followed to link the swagger API files,

1.Generated the client files for dart using https://editor.swagger.io

2.Replaced the api_client.dart file’s usage of BrowserClient() with IOClient() and imported the required library. This BrowserClient caused a build error in my project because it contains web dependencies

  class ApiClient {
      String basePath;
      var client = new BrowserClient();//old one
      var client = new IOClient();//should be changed to this


3.Then Created the client class to access the API’s as below,

/// Singleton class for ApiClient
class Client {
  ApiClient apiClient;
  AuthApi _authApi;

  AuthApi get authApi => _authApi;
  static final Client _client = Client._initClient();

  factory Client() {
    return _client;

  Client._initClient() {
    apiClient = ApiClient(
      basePath: "http://yourproject.apilink",
    _authApi = AuthApi(apiClient);


class AuthImpl {
  final Client client;

  AuthImpl(this.client) {}

  Future<User> signIn({
    @required String deviceID,
    @required String deviceType,
    @required String phone,
    @required String password,
  }) async {
    AuthLoginResponse authLoginResponse;
    User user;

    authLoginResponse = await client.authApi
        .authPostLogin(deviceID, deviceType, phone, password);
    user = authLoginResponse.payload;
    return user;

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