Suppress hint about use of protected member


The meta package provides a @protected annotation (besides others) to get analyzer hints or warnings about the use of protected members outside of direct subclasses.

INFO: The member ‘selectedChildrenChanged’ can only be used within instance members of subclasses of ‘MenuItem’ ([bwu_ng_quick_nav] test/menu_item_test.dart:108)

I’m not interested in these hints in my unit tests.

How can I suppress such hints?


The suppression code for the @protected hint is INVALID_USE_OF_PROTECTED_MEMBER. Add a suppression comment like:



   // ignore_for_file: INVALID_USE_OF_PROTECTED_MEMBER

The codes for other hints can be found in

This works with Dart VM version: 1.16.0-edge. I don’t know with what version this was released.

Hopefully these IDs will be part of the warnings soon to not have to look them up.

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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