Sign out of Google sign in on iOS not working in Flutter Firebase flutter fire


In my Flutter iOS app, the Firebase sign out of Google is failing. I use these lines to sign out of Google:

  await GoogleSignIn().signOut();
  await FirebaseAuth.instance.signOut();

Then I sign in with Apple. However, when I check the FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser.providerData, the provider is still there in addition to the provider. Shouldn’t this providerData be removed on GoogleSignIn().signOut()?

edit: My expectation is that the FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser.providerData will be a list of currently signed in authentication providers. Therefore, I expect that when I sign out of Google, the providerData entry would be removed. Maybe this expectation is wrong, and if so, how do I know what provider(s) the user is currently signed in with? So, for example, if I want to get the user’s name, how do I know which providerData to pull from?


My question stemmed from a misunderstanding of how providerData works. I thought that it would contain the currently signed-in providers. Instead, it contains all the providers associated with a user in Firebase.

In order to record the username, I recorded the user’s name during the sign in process, when the app knows which provider is being signed in.

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