RxDart. Listener of BehaviorSubject does not get value after subject.add(value)


I have two classes: CurrencyRepo and CurrencyFetcher. From CurrencyFetcher I try to listen to the behaviorSubject that is in the repo. But when I add values in the behaviorSubject inside the repo, CurrencyFetcher does not get these values. What am I doing wrong?

class CurrencyFetcher implements CurrencyFetcherService {
  final CurrencyRepo _currencyRepo;
  StreamSubscription currencySubscription;

  CurrencyFetcher(this._currencyRepo, this._preferencesService) {

  void _subscribeToCurrencies() {
    currencySubscription = _currencyRepo
        .listen((currencies) => _handleApiCurrencies);

  Future<void> _handleApiCurrencies(List<ApiCurrency> apiCurrencies) async {
  // implemetation
class CurrencyRepo {
  final CurrencyApi _currencyApi;
  final BehaviorSubject<List<ApiCurrency>> _currencySubject = BehaviorSubject.seeded([]);

  Stream<List<ApiCurrency>> getCurrenciesStream() {
    return _currencySubject.stream;


  void _updateCurrencies() {
    _currencyApi.getCurrencies().then((currencies) {

I have checked that the values are added to the stream after the CurrencyFetcher starts to listen. And I have checked that in the moment, when I add new value to the stream, it has a listener. The first time using RxDart, may someone help? 🙂


Inside the function _subscribeToCurrencies() try to write

_currencyRepo.currenciesStream.listen((currencies) {

instead of


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