Run lib build of lib from a project with pub


I’m actually on multiple dart projects which can share code. (based on this exemple)

This common code use a library named json_serializable

I’m using it to generate json serialization et deserialization methods for my user model.
I can use the commande pub run build_runner build to start the build. This way I can generate user_model.g.dart (which contains generated serialization and deserialization methods) from user_model.dart

Back to my project I’m adding my shared code as a dependency.

I’d like to use my user_model.dart but there is an error saying that user_model.g.dart doesn’t exist. Indeed I haven’t launch the build to generate this file.

I’m trying to find a way to launch this generation of code needed by my library but this must be done from my project.

I think I need to add a build file in my lib but I can’t find how to do it :/

Schema :
Project X –using–> Lib Sharing Code –using–> json_serialization


You need to commit generated code.

build_runner can only generate code in the project it is run in, not in dependencies.

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