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I am trying to use google reCAPTCHA in an Angular2dart app. In index.html I have’>

component’s mark-up has –

div class=”g-recaptcha” data-sitekey=” site key val “>

However captcha is not displayed in Dartium even after refresh. If I build the app using pub build, deploy it to a container, and then access it using Chrome or other browsers, captcha is not displayed the first time but upon refresh, captcha is displayed. Is there a Dart library similar to Angular recaptcha (

Moreover, how can I access reCaptcha response in the controller ? I tried using

@ViewChild(‘heroForm’) NgForm heroForm;

but heroForm.value map does not contain reCaptcha response.


Take a look at this

The problem is that the component is load after the recaptcha script, so you have to render the captcha by yourself.

I did a simple component but without the full form integration, feel free to fork and pull request.

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