Powershell or CMD – I want to run two commands at the same time without waiting for the first command to finish


I would like to run two commands (it doesn’t matter if it’s in powershell or cmd). The commands are as follows. I try to run both at the same time but because chromedriver needs to be running – it hangs forever and never reaches the second command.

  • chromedriver –port=4444
  • flutter drive –target=test_driver/app.dart –browser-name=chrome –release –no-headless

I am following the documentation here (towards the bottom of the page)
Flutter integration testing (but this isn’t really that important for my question – just an FYI on what I was doing)

I keep googling for "how to run two commands" but the answers I usually get are to use "&" or "&&" but in my case this doesn’t work as chromedriver will just stay open whilst it executes.


Michael Smith


In CMD you should try

start "" chromedriver --port=4444

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