Make a http request in dart whith dart:io


Hey I’m a beginner and I want to interact with an API with dart:io for fetch JSON files I can fetch the data with this code :

  final HttpClient client = HttpClient();
  .then((HttpClientRequest request) {
    return request.close();
  .then((HttpClientResponse response) {
    Map a;

But I want to have a Map whith the JSON but I can’t do it. If I could get a String that contains the JSON I could do it with

also know that the answer is stored in an int list that represents the utf8 values of the characters so with utf8.decode(responce.toList()) I can get the utf8 value but responce.toList() return a Future but even if it may be easy I don’t know how to get the list.


import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';

void main() async {
  final client = HttpClient();
  final request = await client.getUrl(Uri.parse(
  final response = await request.close();
  final contentAsString = await utf8.decodeStream(response);
  final map = json.decode(contentAsString);

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