Is there any way to create collage from some images and then set as wallpaper in flutter?


I am not interested how to set a wallpaper, because there are a lot of examples and documentation. Also for saving the wallpaper to the mobile gallery, or taking the photo paths from the gallery.
I’ve already read about this.
I am not finding a way to create different layouts (collages) to merge some images into a single image. I found the Image Collage Widget, but there is no documentation at all, and I don’t know how to put manually the images instead of choosing from the gallery, to save the resulted collage etc.

   collageType: CollageType.LeftBig,
   withImage: false,
   filePath: '',

Any other solutions? The user can add up to 12 images, and the wallpaper needs to be created as a collage depending on how many images are added by the user. This functionality is already implemented.
I thought about using Staggered Grid View, but it would be a lot of variants depending of number of images. So I should check how many images are and depending of it, create 11 different implementations.
Do you have any other idea? I am new to flutter.
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As of now there is no readymade solution for this but you can use staggered_grid_view to create collage & make custom collage layouts based on number of images selected for the collage. This is already covered in this link.

Also in this tutorial, it is shown how to put the images manually instead of choosing from the gallery & to save the resulted collage on local file storage.

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