Is there a way to copy text from html package


I use the fluter_html package. Is there a way, to make the text Copyable? The Html Widget is in a CustomScrollView with a SliverList. I want to copy the text without the html stuff. As an example, I want to copy "Hello, copy me" and not "Hello <br> copy me"

Edit: I want to copy on Android and MacOs Desktop
This is my Html Widget.

                      data: singleNews.text,
                      style: {
                        "body": Style(
                          fontSize: FontSize(
                              (MediaQuery.of(context).size.width) / 70),
                      onLinkTap: (url, _, __, ___) async {
                        if (await canLaunch(url!)) {
                          await launch(url);
                          _log.i("Opening $url...");
                        } else {
                          _log.e('Could not launch $url');


From looking at the docs it looks like the package has a ‘Selectable’ option, so just change your widget from Html to SelectableHtml, which will give you the desired function, you will be able to select the text and a tooltip will appear with the ‘Copy’ option.

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