Is it possible to implement Agora Video Call in flutter web and flutter app?


I was wondering if it is possible to make a video call between a flutter web app and flutter mobile application. In pub dev’s agora_rtc_engine 4.0.6, it only says there, "Android and IOS supported". So I guess web is not yet supported?

If not, is there any alternative solution that I could use for my project to achieve this feature?


Thank meherdeep thakur for his answer.

Based on this, I implemented the web version of my Flutter project.

  1. Change the version of agora_rtc_engine in pubspec.yaml:

    agora_rtc_engine: ^4.1.0-alpha.2
  2. Download the AgoraRtcWrapper.bundle.js file: Raw Link

  3. Import the AgoraRtcWrapper.bundle.js file into the project.

    Project Root/web/AgoraRtcWrapper.bundle.js

  4. Add the file to Project Root/web/index.html

    <script src="AgoraRtcWrapper.bundle.js" type="application/javascript"></script>

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