In dart how to extend a custom PolymerElement with PaperInputBehavior?


Basically I try to do a port of GoldCcCvcInput to a dart implementation, instead of wrapping of a js implementation.

Looking at this:
Together with

Something like:

 class NbdateInput extends PolymerElement with PaperInputBehavior,
 IronControlState, IronA11yKeysBehavior ...

Minimal test project

The project initialize without dumping any error messages and displays the iron-input elements ok. But when one of the iron-input elements are put in focus, the exception below is dumped in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'focus' of undefined

This has an override of method onFocusedChanged

In dart a corresponding Observer is triggered, with a printout occurring after the exception dump.


For my case the needed functionality was provided by

With Dart following the structure of last example (Social Security Number) in

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