How to use two different packages together on the same data


I have this two packages which i want to use flutter_linkify and readmore.
linkify turns urls and email in a text into clickable link while readmore cuts long text into shorter one and i want to use both of them in with the same text

String randomText = "DetectableTextField is published as a refinement of this package. hashtagale forces you to use hashtag, but this one allows you to detect anything you want. If you also want to decorate At sign, you can do that by adding the argument decorateAtSign: true. "

//Using linkify
  onOpen: (link) => print("Clicked ${link.url}!"),
  text: randomText,

//using readmore
  trimLines: 2,
  trimMode: TrimMode.Line,
  trimCollapsedText: 'Show more',
  trimExpandedText: 'Show less',
  moreStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 14, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold),

So how can i use the both packages with the same text without showing two different text on the same screen


Unfortunately, since each of these widgets takes a string (rather than a child widget), they cannot be composed with each other.

I think you’re best bet is to use the ExpandablePanel widget, instead of ReadMoreText, and then use Linkify on the child widgets.

Something like this might work (though you’ll probably have to tweak for your exact use case).

  collapsed: Linkify(article.body, softWrap: true, maxLines: 2, overflow: TextOverflow.ellipsis,),
  expanded: Linkify(article.body, softWrap: true, ),
  tapHeaderToExpand: true,
  hasIcon: true,

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