How to save microphone audio input?


I need to save microphone input to use later in an AudioElement. I do this to get microphone input:

window.navigator.getUserMedia(audio: true).then((MediaStream stream) {
  # what should go here?

What should I do to save the audio?


There are many horrible stupid examples out there where you are able to play the current audio recording in the current browser window. Is there ever a use case for this. For video I can imaging that one want to build a Skype like application and have a preview window to see if you look stupid on the video, but audio …

I found one good post though: From microphone to .WAV with: getUserMedia and Web Audio

I have ported a part of the code in the linked article that shows how to get hold of the data.

import 'dart:html';
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:web_audio';

void main() {
  window.navigator.getUserMedia(video: true, audio: true).then((MediaStream stream) {
  var context = new AudioContext();
  GainNode volume = context.createGain();
  MediaStreamAudioSourceNode audioInput = context.createMediaStreamSource(stream);

  int bufferSize = 2048;
  ScriptProcessorNode recorder = context.createJavaScriptNode(bufferSize, 2, 2);

  recorder.onAudioProcess.listen((AudioProcessingEvent e) {
    var left = e.inputBuffer.getChannelData(0);
    var right = e.inputBuffer.getChannelData(1);
    // process Data


 * [How to get a file or blob from an object URL?](
 * [Convert blob URL to normal URL](
 *  Doesn't work as it seems blob urls are not supported in Dart
//    String url = Url.createObjectUrlFromStream(stream);
//    var xhr = new HttpRequest();
//    xhr.responseType = 'blob';
//    xhr.onLoad.listen((ProgressEvent e) {
//      print(xhr.response);
//      var recoveredBlog = xhr.response;
//      var reader = new FileReader();
//      reader.onLoad.listen((e) {
//        var blobAsDataUrl = reader.result;
//        reader.readAsDataUrl(blobAsDataUrl);
//      });
//    });
//'GET', url);
//    xhr.send();

 * only for testing purposes
//    var audio = document.querySelector('audio') as AudioElement;
//    audio.controls = true;
//    audio.src = url;

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