How to remove old images from cache, Flutter


I user the flutter_cached_network_image for the cache.

I want to delete the old images from the cache.
If the image is not open or access or cache not accessed, for 2 weeks then simply remove it from the cache, to decrease the size of the app and remove the useless images from the cache which is no longer needed.

I am building a social media app.

Any solutions ????


You can use flutter_cache_manager to handle the cache life-cycle.

CachedNetworkImage also comes with cacheManager: parameter.

            imageUrl: "",
            cacheManager: CustomCacheManager.instance, //-< here

And the manager

class CustomCacheManager {
  static const key = 'customCacheKey';
  static CacheManager instance = CacheManager(
      stalePeriod: const Duration(days: 14), // two weeks
      // others....

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