How to log the response for a dart shelf request


I’m using the Dart Shelf package and I need to log the response it sends.

I’ve managed to log the request but the response technique is less clear:

final handler = const shelf.Pipeline()
            logger: (message, isError) =>
                _logRequest(message, isError: isError)))
        .addHandler((req) async {
      final res = await Router().call(req);
      return res;

There two parts to the question.

  1. how do I log the headers.
  2. is it possible to log the body.
    I know there is an issue in that the response body can only be read once.

As some of the responses are likely to be large I need to filter the requests for which the body is logged.


The answer is a bit of Dart-fu. You have an anonymous function returning an anonymous function.

var handler = const Pipeline()
      (handler) => (request) async {
        final response = await handler(request);
        // you could read the body here, but you'd also need to 
        // save the content and pipe it into a new response instance
        return response;

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