how to get user current position as initial location in flutter google maps


I am trying to get my current position as my initial position in google maps flutter.. but I always get error that says like this…initialCameraPosition !=null is not true so far I have tried using async await to get my current location.. here is the code

static LatLng _initialPosition;

  void initState() {
void _getLocation() async {
    LocationData currentLocation;
    currentLocation = await location.getLocation();
    setState(() {
      _initialPosition =
          LatLng(currentLocation.latitude, currentLocation.longitude);

static final CameraPosition initialLocation = CameraPosition(
    target: _initialPosition,
    zoom: 14.4746,

is there something that I need to add from my code?
and here is my widget

            mapType: MapType.normal,
            initialCameraPosition: initialLocation,
            onMapCreated: (GoogleMapController controller) {
              _controller = controller;


_getLocation is an async function. It may not have populated _initialPosition when you start GoogleMap.

Give _initialPosition a starting value and then update GoogleMap when _initialPosition has been updated.

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