How to do periodic / scheduled actions using Flutter Redux?


I’m building a mobile app using Flutter, in which I use flutter_redux and redux_thunk.
There’s two kind of timed actions I want to achieve:

  1. Dispatch certain action every N seconds (repeated)

  2. Dispatch an action once after N seconds, likely from a thunk action (single run)

Are there any packages that wrap this logic?
What would be your suggested way to achieve the two kind of scheduled actions?


I don’t think there’s anything special that you’d need to do specifically for Flutter Redux. In Dart, the general way to do periodic operations would be to use Timer.periodic:

Timer.periodic(Duration(seconds: N), () => store.dispatch(action));

For non-periodic operations, you could use a non-periodic Timer or use Future.delayed. (Timer gives you the ability to easily cancel it, but Future gives you a more direct way for the caller to specify how exceptions are handled.)

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