How to define raised buttons into Material ExpansionPanel?


How to define Save and Cancel buttons raised into Material ExpansionPanel?

Below the example in AngularDart Gallery :

enter image description here

I am looking for the behaviour like Material Button:

enter image description here

I didn’t find mixins to apply this behaviour.


Sorry I put this as a separate answer, because you can’t really put code in notes, but it is just a clarification from the first answer.

You shouldn’t need the first ::ng-deep unless you want all material-expansionpanels in your app to have raised buttons.

This should work:

@import 'package:angular_components/material_button/mixins';

  @include raised-button('material-button')

Also anything that can be done only in CSS we try to leave it that way as forwarding inputs adds extra unneeded code weight. I’d even love to remove the raised input from button it shouldn’t be needed, and just causes extra codesize, but changing it now isn’t worth the work as we have a lot of code relying on it.

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