How to configure Appium-Flutter-Driver in windows? Which IDE is preferable?


I’am new to Automation testing. I have to perform automation testing on Flutter app. I came across appium-flutter-driver through this link: [][1].

Unable to configure the driver in my project. Currently using, IDE:Eclipse 2018-12, Build:Maven build using TestNg Java. I have installed the Appium-flutter-driver in my system using the given command "npm i -g Appium-flutter-driver" in GitHub. But unable to configure driver into my project. There is no ".jar" file.

Need Help:

  1. How to configure the Appium-flutter-driver into project?
  2. Which IDE is preferable to configure the driver and perform automation testing?

Thanks in Advance.


In order to install flutter driver, use command npm I appium-flutter-driver, which creates node modules directory in your project directory with flutter library. Later you need to import library in your file/class.

Hope this helps..Happy coding

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