How to change the header color with App layout of angular components in AngularDart


How can I change the background color with app layout of angular components in an AngularDart project. I tried it but nothing affected the background blue color.
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<header class="material-header shadow">
<div class="material-header-row">
    <material-button class="material-drawer-button" icon (trigger)="drawer.toggle()">
        <material-icon icon="menu"></material-icon>
    <span class="material-header-title">Mobile Layout</span>
    <div class="material-spacer"></div>
    <nav class="material-navigation">
        <material-button class="material-drawer-button" icon (trigger)="">
            <material-icon icon="favorite"></material-icon>
    <nav class="material-navigation">
        <material-button class="material-drawer-button"
                         (trigger)="basicPopupVisible = !basicPopupVisible">
            <material-icon icon="more_vert"></material-icon>
        <material-popup defaultPopupSizeProvider
            <div class="basic">
                Hello, I am a pop up!
    <nav class="material-navigation">
        <div href="#AppLayout">SIGN IN</div>


.material-header-row {
background-color: black;

.basic {
    height: 200px;
    padding: 16px;

Thank You


If you add the style to a parent component (AppComponent) you can use ::ng-deep to pierce through component style encapsulation boundaries (from parent into children)

::ng-deep header.material-header {
  background-color: black;

Or to use your code example

::ng-deep .material-header-row {
  background-color: black;


For above selector, the specificity wasn’t high enough to override the background color.

This worked for me:

::ng-deep header.material-header.material-header {
  background-color: black;

If you add the styles to index.html, ::ng-deep isn’t required.

Angular rewrites styles selectors added to components to match the classes like class="_ngcontent-qbq-3" it addes to each component (with a different number for each) to enforce style encapsulation.

Styles added to index.html are not rewritten and these classes are ignored.

You also might need ::ng-deep for HTML added with [innerHTML]="..." or someElement.append(...) because HTML added this way doesn’t get the classes added and selectors for CSS added to components will therefore not match after the rewrite anymore.

Answered By – Günter Zöchbauer

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