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Is there a way to call the submit button when a user hits the enter button when filling out a form. Here is my form code:

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    String _email;
    return AlertDialog(
      title: Text('Password Reset'),
      content: Form(
        key: _formKey,
        child: Column(
          mainAxisSize: MainAxisSize.min,
          children: [
              decoration: InputDecoration(
                hintText: 'Email',
                labelText: 'Email',
              autofocus: true,
              maxLength: 30,
              validator: (value) {
                if (value.isEmpty) {
                  return 'Email is required';
                return null;
              onSaved: (input) => _email = input,
      actions: [
          onPressed: () async {
            if (_formKey.currentState.validate()) {
              var result = await auth.sendPasswordResetEmail(_email);
          child: Text('Reset'),


For a TextFormField the property to handle this would be onFieldSubmitted. You can copy the code from your onPressed of the RaiseButton to this. For e.g.

onFieldSubmitted: (value) {
                if (_formKey.currentState.validate()) {
//               var result = await auth.sendPasswordResetEmail(_email);
//               print(result);

A full example is available as a codepen here.

You might be interested in RawKeyboardListener as well however it
doesn’t recognize the enter key. But could listen to other keys such as Shift, CapsLock etc.

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