Flutter use BlocListener and BlocBuilder inside MultiBlocProvider


In my program, I have two different Blocs bloc1 and bloc2. I use MultiBlocProvider and add those two blocs. now I want to use BlocListener and BlocBuilder both inside the MultiBlocProvider. For bloc1 I want to BlocBuilderand for bloc2 I want to BlocListener. How can I do that?

      body: MultiBlocProvider(
        providers: [
            create: (_) => bloc1,
            create: (_) => bloc2,
        child:() //here how can I use both BlocListener and BlocBuilder ???


You could nest them as follows:

BlocListener<SubmitFieldBloc, SubmitFieldState>(
  listener: (context, state) {
    // listen to SubmitFieldBloc
  child: BlocBuilder<GenerateFieldsBloc, GenerateFieldsState>(
    builder: (context, state) {
       // build with GenerateFieldsBloc 

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