Flutter Modular redirect to 404 page


I used flutter_modular for flutter web to navigation.

import 'package:flutter_modular/flutter_modular.dart';

 class AppModule extends Module {
   final List<Bind> binds = [];

   final List<ModularRoute> routes = [
       ChildRoute('/', child: (_, __) => HomeScreen()),
       ChildRoute('/signin', child: (_, __) => SignInPage()),
       ChildRoute('/login', child: (_, __) => LogInPage()),
       ChildRoute('/404', child: (_, __) => Custome404()),

if unfortunately user typed URL like example.com/gfhgfhb/.
The flutter modular plugin show error Error: RouteNotFoundException: Route (/rferwg) not found. Now who can I set default 404 page in code?


you can use WildcardRoute :

WildcardRoute(child: (context, args) => NotFoundPage()),

according to its documentation :

Have only one WildcardRoute per module and, if possible, let it be the
last element.

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