Flutter http error when I try to use code that works in dart


I am new to flutter and I want to create app that will help me solve chemist equations, for that I created this function:

    void main() {
  String m = "H2O";
  String n = "H2O";
  parser(m, n);

parser(m, n) async {
  var client = Client();
  Response response = await client
  var x = parse(response.body);
  print(x.getElementsByClassName("equation main-equation well")[0].text);

This construction works in dart really well and prints in console right result, but in flutter I wanted to use it with SetState method, but I can’t even print result in console. It throws an error:

Error: XMLHttpRequest error.

Help me please. Thanks


Error happens because I launched application in web. Just started debugging from mobile emulator and error disappeared

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