Flutter how to do for inside for loop with list widget?


i need to do for inside for loop inside widgets. i create two widgets and i called it form another widget. it says “Not in range 0..6, inclusive:7”

Code :

List<Widget> ListMyClips(i) {
    List<Widget> list = new List();
    var lengthItems = widget.data["recommended"][7]["blocks"][i]["items"].length;
    for (var c = 0; c <= lengthItems; i++) {
                borderRadius: new BorderRadius.circular(100.0),
                child: Image.network(
                    width: 56,

    return list;

List <Widget> ListMyWidgets() {
    var lengthBlocks = widget.data["recommended"][7]["blocks"].length;
    List <Widget> list = new List();
    for (var i = 0; i <= lengthBlocks; i++) {
            trailing: Icon(FontAwesomeIcons.chevronRight),
            title: Row(
                children: ListMyClips(i),
    return list;

what i need is, dynamically for inside for loop which it will create list of list tiles.


With Dart 2.3 new features, you can use a for inside a collections, to minimize the boilerplate code and make it more legible.

Before Dart 2.3

 children: <Widget>[
   .map((country) => Text("New $country"))

With Dart 2.3

 children: <Widget>[
  for (var country in europeanCountries) Text("New ${country.data}")

Check more features that could help you in here: What’s new in Dart 2.3

PS: Change your functions name to a camelCase form. This way, you should be creating a class instead of a method

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