flutter – correct way to create a box that starts at minHeight, grows to maxHeight


I have a container that I want to start off at a minimum size and grow (if its contents grow while user is adding content) to a maximum size, then stop.

The correct widget for this seems to be ConstrainedBox, like so:

new ConstrainedBox(
  constraints: new BoxConstraints(
    minHeight: 35.0,
    maxHeight: 60.0,
  child: ...child with growing content (has default height 25.0)...

however, this starts the box off at the maxHeight.

I tried to use hasBoundedHeight, but can not seem to construct the correct syntax for it or find an example in documentation.

What is the best way to get the box working as described?


There’s no notion of “Starts from max/min size”.

The thing is, ContrainedBox only add constraints to it’s child. But in the end, it doesn’t pick a size.

If you want your child to hit minSize, then they have to not expend. Which translate into not having a width/height of double.INFINITY. Fact is that double.INFINITY is the default value of many widgets, including Container.

On the other hand, some widgets such as DecoratedBox have a default size of 0.
Which means that this code :

return new ConstrainedBox(
  constraints: new BoxConstraints(
    minHeight: 5.0,
    minWidth: 5.0,
    maxHeight: 30.0,
    maxWidth: 30.0,
  child: new DecoratedBox(
    decoration: new BoxDecoration(color: Colors.red),

Will render a 5.0*5.0 red square.

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