FLUTTER Argument cant be assigned to the Parameter type


Error: The argument type ‘User (where User is defined in <dir>\<project>\lib\pages\home.dart)' can’t be assigned to the parameter type ‘User (where User is defined in <dir>\<project>\lib\pages\timeline.dart)'.

Code : home.dart

Scaffold buildAuthScreen() {
return Scaffold(
  key: _scaffoldKey,
  body: PageView(
    children: <Widget>[
      Timeline(currentUser: currentUser),
      Upload(currentUser: currentUser),
      Profile(profileId: currentUser?.id),

Code : timeline.dart

class Timeline extends StatefulWidget {
final User currentUser;

in different pages it working but in timeline i don’t why its showing this error.

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You have two separate classes both named User in two different files. Even though they have the same class name, they are different classes (even if they have identical implementations).

If they really should be separate classes, you should consider renaming them to be different. If that’s not possible, you can disambiguate them by specifying a library prefix when you import:

import 'timeline.dart' as timeline;

Then you can use timeline.User to refer specifically to timeline.dart‘s version.

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