Find generic type of Iterable (Set<E>, List<E>, …) via introspection


I tried without any success to find the generic type of an Iterable class (such as Set<myGenericType> or List<myOtherGenericType>).

For instance :

if instanceMirror.getField(myField).reflectee is a Set<Toto> then I have no solution to retrieve the type Toto via introspection.

Thank you for your help !


import 'dart:mirrors';

class A<T> {
  T item;
  List<T> items;

main() {
  var m = reflectType(new A<int>().runtimeType);

  var itemType = m.declarations[#item].type as TypeMirror;
  print('type of #item: ${itemType.qualifiedName}');  // type of #item: ClassMirror on 'int'.

  var itemsType = m.declarations[#items].type as ClassMirror;
  print('type of #items: ${itemsType.qualifiedName}');  // type of #items: ClassMirror on 'List'.

  print('type arguments of #items: ${ => t.qualifiedName)}');  // type arguments of #items: [TypeVariableMirror on 'T'].

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