Find an iOS bundle identifier in the flutter application


I am working on a flutter app and cannot find the bundle identifier. According to the documentation here (, it should be in the General tab but I can’t find it. I’ve also read in places that it could be here: ios/Runner.xcodeproj but my project doesn’t contain that. Thanks!


Easiest way to find it is doing the following:

  • Open your Flutter Project on Android Studio or VS Code
  • Hit Enter, open the file and check your Bundle Identifier

Android Studio Search

There’s other way to do it but you need MacOS with XCode installed:

  • With Finder got to your Flutter folder, then iOS and open Runner.xcworkspace (white icon)
  • Double click and open it on XCode.
  • Upper left corner (Project Navigation), click on Runner
  • Over Identity you’ll have several fields, one of those is Bundle Identifier

XCode Project Navigation

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