Error: Unsupported operation: Platform._localeName


I am using package and trying to detect the current locate of the system using Platform.localeName like this

String defaultSystemLocale = Platform.localeName;

But when I run the app in Chrome (Web), I am getting this error

Error: Unsupported operation: Platform._localeName
    at Object.throw_ [as throw] (http://localhost:62284/dart_sdk.js:5061:11)
    at Function._localeName (http://localhost:62284/dart_sdk.js:54692:17)
    at Function.localeName (http://localhost:62284/dart_sdk.js:54698:71)
    at Function.get localeName [as localeName] (http://localhost:62284/dart_sdk.js:54574:27)
    at main (http://localhost:62284/packages/testapp/main4.dart.lib.js:97:45)

Any idea why?


If you are getting Platform from dart:io, it is not supported on web (see this website). You can import it from universal_io instead.

Answered By – Valentin Vignal

Answer Checked By – Dawn Plyler (FlutterFixes Volunteer)

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